Geometry and Topology Seminar - Organised by Mark Powell and Frédéric Rochon

Normally the Seminar is held Fridays at 11:00 AM in room PK-5115, Président-Kennedy Building, UQAM. All changes are indicated.
Date Speaker University Title
16 septembre Robert Haslhofer University of Toronto The moduli space of 2-convex embedded spheres
23 septembre Maia Fraser Université d'Ottawa  
30 septembre Jean-Philippe Burelle University of Maryland  
7 octobre 2016 Lev Buhovski Tel Aviv University  
21 octobre 2016 Evgeny Fominykh Chelyabinsk State University  
28 octobre 2016 Ryosuke Nomura University of Tokyo  
11 novembre 2016 Xiaowei Wang Rutgers  
25 novembre 2016 Tommy Murphy California State University, Fullerton  
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Geometric Group Theory Seminar - Organised by: Kasia Jankiewicz, Piotr Przytycki and Daniel Wise

Wednesdays at 4:00 PM, Burnside Hall, room 920, McGill
Date Speaker University Title
9 septembre 2015 Bogdan Nica Universität Göttingen Strong hyperbolicity
16 septembre 2015 Jingyin Huang McGill University The pentagon group
23 septembre 2015 Daniel Woodhouse McGill University A geometric proof of the non-separability of a 3-manifold group
30 septembre 2015 Matthias Nagel UQAM Turning 3-manifolds acyclic
7 octobre 2015 Jeremy Macdonald Concordia Algorithmic problems in nilpotent groups
7 octobre 2015 Daniel Kasprowski Max Plank Institute On the K-theory of linear groups
14 octobre 2015 Piotr Przytycki McGill University Cubulations of Artin groups
21 octobre 2015 Dooheon Lee New York University The Stable Boundaries of CAT(0) Groups
28 octobre 2015 Elisabeth Fink University of Ottawa Morse geodesics in lacunary hyperbolic groups
4 novembre 2015 Matthew Cordes Brandeis University Morse boundaries of geodesic spaces
11 novembre 2015 Svetla Vassileva Concordia University Log-space conjugacy problem in Grigorchuk groups
18 novembre 2015 Ying Hu CIRGET Left-orderability and cyclic branched covers over two-bridge knots
25 novembre 2015 Mark Powell UQAM Metrics on the knot concordance space
2 décembre 2015 Michael Brandenbursky CIRGET Lp-metrics and autonomous flows
13 janvier 2016 Ilya Kapovich University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Endomorphisms, train track maps, and fully irreducible monodromies
20 janvier 2016 Tomasz Odrzygózdz Polish Academy of Science Why consider the square model for random groups?
27 janvier 2016 Piotr Przytycki McGill University A dismantlable Rips complex for relatively hyperbolic groups
3 février 2016 Jingyin Huang McGill University Cubulating extension complex
10 février 2016 Christopher Smith McGill University Pairwise Once-Intersecting Arcs on a Sphere
17 février 2016 Christophe Hohlweg UQAM Limit root systems and imaginary cones in Coxeter groups
24 février 2016 Damian Orlef University of Warsaw Working with graph spectra - in pursuit of property (T) for new Gromov random groups
9 mars 2016 Tomasz Prytuła Copenhagen University Coarse product decomposition theorem for systolic complexes and applications
16 mars 2016 Kasia Jankiewicz McGill University Pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms
23 mars 2016 Jason Behrstock City University of New York Asymptotic dimension of mapping class groups
30 mars 2016 Atefeh Mohajeri McGill University Approximation algorithms for the geodesic problem in free metabelian groups and restricted wreath products
6 avril 2016 Richard Webb University College London Locally infinite complexes, combinatorial isoperimetric inequalities and CAT(0) metrics
13 avril 2016 Sang Rae Lee Texas A&M University Twisted subgroups of Houghton's groups
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