Geometric and Arithmetic Frontiers of Orbifolds: a focused introductory workshop

May 30 - June 3, 2022

The aim of the workshop is to partially revisit the foundations of orbifolds and Deligne-Mumford stacks. In more specific terms, we aim to fix a common methodology for working with the classical and general theory of orbifolds. This will put the accent on some recent applications to the arithmetic and the geometry of orbifolds and stacks.

The workshop will be held as an in person virtual hybrid event. It will be the first in a series of events related to the CNRS International Emerging Actions (IEA) award “Birational and arithmetic aspects of orbifolds,” to take place in alternate places.

The workshop will consist of a collection of lectures on some foundational aspects of moduli theory and orbifolds, on recent forefronts that are being explored and on recent advances. These lectures will be given by Matt Satriano, Gianluca Pacienza, Carlo Gasbarri, Nathan Grieve, Lie Fu, Gregoire Menet, Julie Wang, Laure Flapan and Ljudmila Kamenova. We expect to have a couple more international speakers.

In addition to our invited speakers, we intend to involve Montreal based graduate students and post-docs. Moreover, we have limited funding to support the travel and local lodging of young researchers and speakers. Persons interested in participating in the workshop (either as an in person or virtual participant) are encouarged to express interest to any of the organizers directly.